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New York


For over 40 years, Pakrite Express has been the cornerstone of expert crating and shipping services in New York. We've built our reputation on the foundations of trust, reliability, and unparalleled service quality. From the fast-paced environment of Manhattan to the historic streets of Brooklyn, the luxurious retreats in the Hamptons, and the broad expanse of upstate New York, our commitment to excellence remains unwavering.


We extend our services to the entirety of New York State, catering to a diverse clientele that includes designers, architects, and luxury furniture showrooms, among others. We understand the pulse of this dynamic state and adapt our services to meet the varying needs of our customers, whether they are located in the bustling city or the peaceful countryside. If you are in need of custom packing, crating, or shipping solutions, do not hesitate to contact us or request a quote


Our Services


Custom Crating in New York City

At Pakrite Express, custom crating is more than just a process; it’s an art form. We meticulously design and construct shipping crates that provide maximum protection for your items, tailored to the exact specifications of size, weight, and fragility. Our expert team takes into account every detail to ensure that your valuable cargo is secured for any journey, be it local or international.


Our commitment to quality is evident in the materials we use. Selecting only the finest woods and crafting materials, we construct crates that can withstand the rigors of transport. We take pride in our ability to build custom shipping crates, specialty wood cases, and custom cargo crates specifically designed to cradle everything from delicate artwork to heavy industrial machinery.


Custom Shipping Crates

Every shipment is unique, and that’s why our custom shipping crates are designed with the specific needs of your items in mind. Engineered for resilience and security, our crates ensure that your items arrive at their destination without a scratch.


Specialty Wood Cases

Our specialty wood cases are synonymous with security and reliability. Whether you’re shipping high-value electronics, sensitive medical equipment, or priceless art, these cases are crafted to offer unbeatable protection.


Custom Cargo Crates

When it comes to larger items, our custom cargo crates are the ideal solution. No matter the volume or weight, we build robust crates to accommodate any cargo, ensuring safe and secure delivery.


Art and Antiques Crating

Fine art and antiques require a gentle touch and precise crating solutions. Our art and antiques crating services are trusted by galleries and private collectors alike to preserve the integrity of their treasured pieces.


Trade Show Crating

The success of your trade show presence can hinge on the safe transport of your materials. Our trade show crating services are designed to be both secure and convenient, ensuring your exhibits are delivered in perfect condition.


Heavy Machinery Crating

Our expertise extends to the industrial sector with heavy machinery crating. We understand the complexities involved and provide sturdy, reliable crates that protect your machinery every step of the way.


New York City White Glove Delivery

White glove delivery is the hallmark of our service excellence. At Pakrite Express, we go beyond simple delivery; we provide a comprehensive service that includes meticulous handling and setup of your items. Our team is trained to ensure the highest standards of care from the moment we receive your goods to the final placement in their destination.


This service is about attention to detail. Before delivery, we conduct site surveys and, if necessary, mock deliveries for oversized pieces. We ensure that every aspect of the handling and installation process is planned to perfection, including unique packaging needs and the specific arrangement of your items.


Site Surveys

Site surveys are a critical first step in our white-glove delivery process. We assess every angle, doorway, and stairway to plan the most efficient and safe delivery route.


Mock Delivery for Oversized Pieces

For complex deliveries involving oversized pieces, we conduct mock deliveries to foresee and navigate any potential challenges, ensuring a flawless final delivery.


Unique Packaging

We believe that unique items deserve unique packaging. Our custom packaging solutions are tailored to protect your items based on their individual characteristics and shipping requirements.


Inside Delivery

Our inside delivery service is designed to place your items precisely where they need to be. We handle all aspects of the delivery, including navigating tight spaces and setting up in your chosen location.

H4: Floor Protection

We take every precaution to protect your premises, including extensive floor protection measures, ensuring that we leave your space as immaculate as we found it.



Uncrating is a delicate process that we handle with care and precision, ensuring that your items are unveiled in their pristine condition.



Our skilled professionals manage the installation of your items, integrating them seamlessly into their new environment.



From furniture to complex installations, our team expertly assembles your items, preparing them for immediate use.


Removal of Debris

After installation, we take care of removing any debris, leaving your space neat and orderly.



Should your items require any touch-ups or restoration after delivery, our team is equipped to provide these services to ensure your items look their best.


Shipping & Packing in New York

Whether it's across town or across oceans, Pakrite Express has a shipping solution to meet your needs. Our extensive network and experience allow us to offer a range of shipping options, ensuring that your cargo arrives on time and intact. We understand the intricacies of logistics and provide personalized service whether you need local delivery, air freight, ocean freight, or expedited shipping.


Local Delivery

Our local delivery service in New York is second to none. We guarantee timely and secure transportation of your items, whether it's a single piece or an entire collection.


Air Freight

When time is crucial, our air freight services offer a fast and reliable solution for getting your shipments where they need to be, quickly and efficiently.


Ocean Freight

For international shipments, our ocean freight services provide a cost-effective and secure means of transport, ideal for larger consignments.


Expediting Shipping

Our expedited shipping services are designed for those instances when every second counts. We ensure your shipment is prioritized and delivered post-haste.


Contact Our New York City Custom Crating & Shipping Solutions Specialists

If you're in need of custom crating solutions, white-glove delivery, or reliable shipping within New York or across the globe, we are here to surpass your expectations. Our dedicated team is ready to ensure that your valuables are handled with the utmost care and professionalism that has defined our brand for over four decades. Contact us today to experience the pinnacle of service and to discuss how we can facilitate your logistics requirements with the precision and excellence that Pakrite Express is renowned for.

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