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Pakrite Express brings over 40 years of unmatched expertise in crating and shipping services to the picturesque Hamptons. Our renowned firm extends its premium, customized solutions to this enclave of sophistication and luxury, ensuring that the residents and businesses here enjoy the same high level of service we're celebrated for in New York and across the globe. From Southampton to East Hampton, Bridgehampton to Montauk, our dedication to excellence in shipping and logistics is unrivaled.


Nestled in this retreat of tranquility and opulence, Pakrite Express understands the unique needs and expectations of our Hamptons clientele. Whether it's the transport of fine art, the careful crating of antiques, or the meticulous handling of designer furniture, our professional team ensures your items are managed with the utmost care and precision.


Our Services


Custom Crating in East & Southampton

Our custom crating services in the Hamptons are designed to meet the discerning standards of our clients. We engineer specialized crating solutions for any item, no matter the size, value, or fragility. Utilizing only premium materials and state-of-the-art techniques, we construct protective enclosures that guarantee the safety and security of your belongings during transport.


We believe that exceptional items deserve exceptional care. That's why each crate is tailored to provide the ultimate protection for your goods, crafted by our skilled team with an attention to detail that ensures the best possible outcome for your shipping needs.


Custom Shipping Crates

Crafted with precision, our custom shipping crates are the bedrock of safe transportation for your valuables in the Hamptons. Every crate is a pledge of our commitment to delivering your items without compromise.


Specialty Wood Cases

Our specialty wood cases are the embodiment of security for your most delicate possessions. Designed for robustness, they are the guardians of your items throughout their journey.


Custom Cargo Crates

Tailored to accommodate large and heavy items, our custom cargo crates are constructed with the highest quality standards to ensure that your cargo arrives intact, no matter the destination.


Art and Antiques Crating

The Hamptons, known for its art and culture, deserves a crating service that understands the value of its art and antiques. Our bespoke crating solutions are trusted by collectors and galleries alike.


Trade Show Crating

Ensure your presentation is pristine with our trade show crating services, providing secure and convenient transport of your exhibits to and from the Hamptons.


Heavy Machinery Crating

We handle the robust demands of heavy machinery creating with expertise, offering reliable and secure solutions for your industrial shipping needs.


Hamptons White Glove Delivery

In the Hamptons, where exclusivity and excellence are the norms, our white-glove delivery service stands out. We provide a seamless, end-to-end service that includes careful handling, transportation, on-site installation, and setup of your most prized possessions. Our white-glove service is designed to cater to the unique needs of the Hamptons, delivering more than just parcels—we deliver peace of mind.


Site Surveys

Precision begins with planning. Our site surveys ensure that every aspect of your white-glove delivery is meticulously accounted for.


Mock Delivery for Oversized Pieces

We leave nothing to chance, especially for oversized deliveries. Our mock delivery service anticipates challenges to ensure a flawless execution.


Unique Packaging

Distinctive items require distinctive care. Our unique packaging solutions are custom-designed to protect your belongings against all elements.


Inside Delivery

We extend our service beyond the doorstep, offering comprehensive inside delivery to position your items exactly where you need them.


Floor Protection

Our commitment to preserving the beauty of your Hamptons home includes extensive floor protection during every delivery.



The moment of reveal is as important as the delivery itself. We handle uncrating with the utmost care, ensuring your items are presented in immaculate condition.



Our experienced team provides professional installation services, ensuring that your items are seamlessly integrated into your Hamptons space.



We assemble your delivered items with precision and expertise, so they are ready for immediate enjoyment.


Removal of Debris

After the installation, we ensure that your space is left clean and orderly, with all debris removed and properly disposed of.



Should your pieces require any restoration upon arrival, our skilled professionals are equipped to bring them back to their pristine condition.


Shipping in the Hamptons

Our comprehensive shipping services cater to the specific needs of the Hamptons community. Whether delivering locally within the Hamptons, across the United States, or to international destinations, we handle each shipment with the highest level of professionalism and care. Our network and expertise allow us to offer the most efficient and secure transportation solutions, ensuring your items are delivered with the quality service Pakrite Express is known for.


Local Delivery

We understand the importance of local delivery in the Hamptons, ensuring timely and secure transportation within this exclusive community.


Air Freight

For those urgent or long-distance shipments, our air freight services provide a fast and secure solution, connecting the Hamptons to the world.


Ocean Freight

Our ocean freight services offer a reliable and cost-effective option for international shipping, ideal for transporting larger consignments to or from the Hamptons.


Expediting Shipping

When time is a critical factor, our expediting shipping services ensure that your shipment is prioritized and delivered promptly.


Contact Our East Hampton & Southampton Custom Crating & Shipping Solutions Specialists

If you're in need of custom crating solutions, white-glove delivery, or reliable shipping within New York or across the globe, we are here to surpass your expectations. Our dedicated team is ready to ensure that your valuables are handled with the utmost care and professionalism that has defined our brand for over four decades. Contact us today to experience the pinnacle of service and to discuss how we can facilitate your logistics requirements with the precision and excellence that Pakrite Express is renowned for.

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